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Schoola $80 in FREE clothes PLUS a $25 Amazon gift card!! This is too HOT to pass up!!

Thank you Liz Pagel for finding this AWESOME offer!!

Schoola has an INCREDIBLE offer, you can get $20 FREE in clothing and also give a Friend a FREE $20 in clothing but Schoola also wants to give you an extra FREE $25 Amazon Gift Card when you refer 3 Friends!

It’s SUPER simple to earn yours!

Just 3 easy steps to your FREE clothing credits and gift card!

First sign up HERE for your FREE account + FREE $20 Credit *New Members only will earn FREE $20 Credit* Once signed up, share your personal referral link via email, Facebook, Twitter & more!

*To access your personal referral link, scroll to bottom of page and click “Refer a Friend, Get $20 *Each new Member signing up with your link will also earn a FREE $20 credit! And you earn another $20 once they order too!*

Refer {3} new Members by January 31st and receiva a $25 Amazon Gift Card in early February

You’ll end up with $80 in FREE clothes ($20 new Member credit + 3 friends x $20 earned each) + a FREE $25 Amazon Gift Card + each Friend earns $20 in FREE clothing too! And, for a limited time, get FREE shipping too!

How it works: $20 for You. $20 for your Friend. 40% to Schools. Each time a friend makes their first-ever Schoola purchase using your referral link, they’ll get $20 off their first order, and you’ll get a $20 credit for purchases over the next 60 days. We’ll apply it automatically and keep track of it in your Schoola account. And don’t forget that 40% of your pre-discount order total is going to schools.


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