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Coupon Lingo

BLINKIES In Store Smart Source Coupons

BOGO/B1G1 Buy One Get One Free (Buy one item and get one free)

CATALINA Coupon printed for certain amount off of next order. Machine located near the register.

DND DO NOT DOUBLE (Usually referring to a coupon. The store will not double the coupon).

DOUBLE COUPON Doubles the amount of the coupon up to a certain amount, depends on the store.

EB/ECB ExtraCare Bucks (CVS)

ISO In search of

MFC Manufacture coupon.

MIR Mail in Rebate (You bought something and you can mail in for a rebate)

MM MoneyMaker

OOP Out of Pocket (Cash paid)

OYNO (On your next order) - see alot with Catalina

Peelie Coupon you peel off package

P&G Proctor and Gamble Coupon Insert

PQ (Publix Coupon)

RP Red Plum (Insert)

RR Register Rewards (Walgreens)- It is a manufacture coupon. It expires in possibly 2 weeks.

STACKING Using more than one coupon for an item i.e. store coupon and MFC

SSSmart Source (Insert)

TQ (Target Coupon)

WYB When You Buy (Save $1 WYB 3 means you will save $1 when you buy 3 items)

UFS ( Up for sale)

UFT (Up for trade)

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